Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some Less-Than-Perfect Photos of Some Perfect Kitties

I'm so annoyed with myself for not being able to get any pictures today, that I went back through the leftovers from last time. They're not great, but that's my fault, and I'm here to promote the cats, not my mad photography skillz. So here's Sally, Hershey, and Meow, who I have not introduced.


Meow - Star Pet Hershey

Meow is a Star Pet - reserved for cats and dogs who've been at the shelter the longest. He's easy-going, playful and likes pettings. He looks just like Nephthys, but bigger. He's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. But he's black, so he gets passed up. One of my dreams is to collect only black cats, tons of them, then hang out on my doorstep and cackle madly as they run all over the house behind me. People can be so stupid. Black is beautiful baby.


  1. ROFL!! At one point in my life I had four black cats! Didn't think about the cackling... shoulda done that!!

    Crowls to all the sweeties, when next you go, from B'more, OK?

  2. The cackling plan sound good to us! Hehehe...
    Just a quick hello and thank you for joining our followers.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving week, Angie! I took an impromptu break from Space Paws starting Wed... was just fried from work, etc... and spent three glorious days doing nothing but resting, relaxing and snorgling with the kittehs!!