Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Proper Introduction

My camera died the second I turned it on today. I'm so bummed, and it's totally my bad for not charging it regularly (note to self). Most everyone has cycled through though, and we're on new batches of kittens and cats. But Sally's still there, and that really makes me sad. She's sweet and playful, small and cuddly. I hope it's not her lack of an eyeball that's getting her overlooked. Hershey's still there too, and he's become less social now that there are more cats in the free-roam room. I'm not too worried, because the SPCA will keep them until they get adopted, but it's no fun for them there. They need to go home.

Since I have no good cat pics, I'll take today to introduce Dash properly, because my last post does him absolutely no justice. Now, I love all my animals, and I have no favorites, but Dash is my special boy. I wrote his story on Flickr a few months ago, so I won't repost it here. Most of that has passed. Dash still has his issues, but he's improved so, SO much, even since then, that reading it, I barely remember writing it. He's still in progress, but he's a success story, and he's changed my life. Or maybe he's complemented my life changes. He's given me new joy that someone who hasn't been through it all doesn't understand. He's more than just another dog. He's my cuddle bug, my baby boy, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Wee Dash!

Oh hai!

My shadow
My shadow, and my other shadow

Doxie Pool Party 057
Wet rat at the doxie pool party

Hi! :)

Hi Mom
Hi mom.

sweet dreams