Monday, November 30, 2009

wee furries, New York Style!

I hope everyone in the US had a great holiday weekend (and everyone else had a great plain ol' weekend)! I went to NYC and watched the Macy's Parade! That was pretty cool. It was my first time in NY, and I was surprisingly not overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the city. But I do prefer to live somewhere with grass. It just seems unnatural to make a dog pee on a sidewalk.

After the parade, we walked around town, and in the window of a psychic in Washington Square was this adorable little thing.

Thanksgiving 2009 219
Palm Sniffings $5, or a can of tuna and a saucer of milk

Thanksgiving 2009 217
Hmm, you smell like you cross the path of many like me.
I see much fur and many licks in your future.
You may slide your payment through the window.

That definitely made my day.

P.S. LOOKIT WHAT I GOT ON SALE THIS WEEKEND!!! Now I'll have HIGH quality blurry cat pics for you.
lookit what i got...


  1. Love the psychic kitty. I'm sure she saw your future quite accurately.

    Nice camera!

  2. Awww, that kitty was a genius! The camera looks to die for.

  3. ROFL!! That's just the way I feel about my camera, Angie! An excellent tool in clueless hands! Enjoy the toy!

    Great psychic kitteh... got a real grin out of that!

  4. Wahoo! Isn't it great? My hubby got me one for Christmas... I'm in love with it! It's awesome! :D