Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yes, Wee Have Kittens Too

Poor, pitiful little kittens...

sad pitiful kitten

Sad, helpless little kittens...

sad pitiful kitten

But not this guy. He was adopted too.


  1. Oh, sweet, scared little babies (at least the top darlin' looks tiny and scared! Hoping she (?) follows the little guy, soon, into a warm, lovin' home!

  2. same guy, just zoomed in through the bars. (the new camera is awesome!)

    i think they get sadder once they've been chosen, because they feel abandoned when they thought they were going home. they don't understand having to wait for surgeries, they just want lovin!

  3. That is a heartbreaking photo.

    I think all kitties, even the adults, are a bit like children -- some things they just don't understand (like waiting) and it hurts them so when they get their hopes up about something that doesn't come to pass.

    Hang in there, little guy! Good things are coming your way.