Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Hershey, Meow, and Sally

Hershey's not much for playing or being held. But he loves attention and pettings. On his terms of course! And he has the most unusual color.

Hershey Hershey
Oh Hai!

*Star Pet* Meow is sweet and playful, and he's okay going off by himself for a good snooze too. I would love to get him for Nephthys, but I'm not in a place to acquire any more dependents right now. His nifty bandana's been changed for Christmas. Cute, yet sad.

Meow Meow
Someone needs to scoop these boys up right now!

Here are some last shots of little miss Sally. They're too cute not to share, IMHO. One thing that always made me laugh was how much she loved this tube. Her furever mom promised to get her one for home.

Sally Sally and Cara

Aah, all mine...

Tube Sweet Tube


  1. Darling shots of everyone. Hershey does have neat coloring! And I love that Sally looks like she's winking even though it's because she's missing an eye.

  2. Yes, indeed they are great shots. I especially like "Tube, sweet tube!" The tube is very popular around here... oh! That's an idea... I should get some video!

    Fingers crossed for your little buddies Hershey and Meow!! (And I'll say again how happy I am for Sally... she so deserves a wonderful forever home!)