Friday, November 6, 2009

weefaerie's wee furries

The name "wee furries" comes from my online identity weefaerie, or wee for short. So wee can refer to me, or us (we), or the size of the furries, though some are bound to be larger. My dachshunds are weeners. I'm sure there'll be more, but I think you'll catch on. I like to have fun with words (or butcher the English language, whatever).



  1. I think that's an adorable name for the site!
    I did something similar for my screen name. Kyestera was an old character name of mine from years ago, then was later shortened to Kye for ease... and then eventually it rolled into KittyKye from being the cat lady ;)
    Yours is much more creative :D

  2. I like it, too!! And I like weefaerie, too! I have no talent for playing with words, so I appreciate it in those who do!
    Posting under my other account tonight...
    Lisa from SpacePaws