Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to Fundraise

It's that time again! Actually, for shelters and rescues, it's always that time. But specifically for the SPCA of Central Florida, this time is the biggie - it's Paws in the Park, and Team Ween is out to make a difference!

Riley, Dash and Winnie are ready to walk with hundreds of other dogs to raise a lot of money for the homeless dogs and even the cats of Orlando. This will give an extra chance at life to cats like Whisper, Sophie and Littles. Here's where I let the kitties bat their eyelashes and ask you for money.

Please think of the kitties.

Look at this face. How can you resist this face?

Oh forget it.

If you're in Orlando, consider signing up for Paws in the Park. If you want to let us do the work for you, sponsor me and my herd of weens.

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