Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Sick Doggie

I forgot my camera (and everything else) today, so no real updates. Judah and Sugar are gone, hopefully adopted (I hate not really knowing). One-eyed Tony's back from isolation. We hung out. Lots of kittens, some playful, some petrified. I mean, shaking in their boots scared. It was adorable and sad. We loved on them, and they were receptive. They'll be fine.

In other news, I've been cleaning up dog puke all week. Riley was very sick and very cold the other night. While we all stayed warm with the heated blanket, I had to get a shot of Dash cuddling him. Usually Riley likes his space, but I think he appreciated the brotherly love. Or else he was just too sick to care.



  1. Awww Riley, I hope you feel better soon. Good thing to have warm brothers, yes?

    Kittens... I've got kittens on the brain. I'd better go and see some at rescue agencies to get a kitten fix. I really don't "need" 3 cats ;)

  2. Oh, this is too cute for words, Angie! I hope Riley is all better by now! Sorry I've been out of circulation so much and wasn't by earlier to give him a big cyber hug!