Saturday, February 6, 2010

Judah's Incarceration

For adoption: The Most Pitiful Cat in the Universe.


His leg looks worse to me, but it also looks like it's been lanced, so I know it's probably getting better. But now the poor guy's got the poos from his meds, and with the cone of shame, he can't properly clean himself. He is misery purr-sonified, and he REEKS. We took him out several times to clean his cage and his bum, and to scratch his ears and neck. He doesn't appreciate the wet rag on his butt, but the scratches, OMGsogoodrightthere!!! And at least he's resting (somewhat) comfortably.


I've been home for five hours and just noticed that I have Judah poo on my jeans.


  1. Poor, poor Judah! Sending lots of get-well wishes and a quick release from the cone of shame :(

  2. Sending our purrs and lots of get well thoughts to Judah.

    Had to giggle about the poo on your jeans. How does that happen without our noticing??? lol

  3. Oh my! Judah, honey, lotsa healing purrs coming to you from B'more. Sorry we're behind in visiting or we'd have purred earlier!

    (Let us know how he does, Angie!)