Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(Frosty) Paws in the Park

Does this look like sunny Orlando, Florida to you?
paws in the park
Me neither.

Paws in the Park was pawsitively freezing! And, unfortunately, because of this I wasn't able to get any good pictures at all. I carried both boys at one time or another, but we did make it around the lake. Twice! We ended up parking on the far side from the start, so by the time we left, we'd made two full laps. That's more than a mile and a half for these stubby little guys! They did so well. And boy did they sleep hard that night. As of today, they've raised $260 for the SPCA, and I know of one more sponsor who has not yet donated. Though it was cold, the event was an overwhelming success. The total raised by Saturday morning was already $20,000 over their goal of $140,000. YIPPEE!!

I'm sad to say Riley and I did not win the kissing contest. This little girl did.
paws in the park
If you have to lose, might as well make it to someone ADORABLE.

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  1. Ooh that does look chilly. Sweet pictures, though. Kissing contest??? Details, details!