Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Solicitation

Paws in the Park, the SPCA of Central Florida's biggest fundraiser, is in two weeks, and guess who's walking - yours truly and the weens! Please consider sponsoring us!

Unknown Female
Look deep into my eyes...
You're getting very sleepy...
You're reaching for your wallet...

But for real, the SPCA runs on money it raises itself. It receives no government funding. And they do so much good. Think of the kitties (and goggies)! For more information, visit

Today was a good day at the shelter. There were only about 25 cages with cats, so everyone got out while I was there, and I got to spend a good amount of time in the free roam rooms. There was a great little guy named Butters who loved the camera! Unfortunately, he was blowing snot bubbles, and as cute as that was, he got taken to isolation for treatment. But he'll be back and will win someone over for sure.



Butters, an outtake Butters, an outtake
I haz a sniffle.
(Please click for enlargements, his faces are hilarious!)

Judah has an ugly sore on his leg, so he's got an appointment with the vet to have that taken care of. He's looking sick to me too, so it's a good thing someone will be seeing him. Before I left, I went back in to visit him for a bit. He's always hiding in a condo or igloo, so I wanted to get him out and really feel the love. He sat in my lap and purred and did not move. I hated to have to go. He's so handsome with his heart shaped nose.

And guess what?! Cowboy was getting adopted to a great couple as I was leaving! I love people who give the older cats a chance, because they're awesome.

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  1. Oh, snot bubbles, those are no fun! Hope the kitties get better soon.